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 WE INVITE YOU to join an organization dedicated to promoting the best technology for conserving historic structures and their settings.

APT WGLC is your regional chapter of the APT International organization (to join APT International, visit
www.apti.org). As an APT WGLC member, you will be connected with a network of leading preservationists that spans the globe. All the benefits of the national professional association are combined with the community feeling of our region. APT WGLC membership includes invitations to local lectures, regional networking events, educational seminars and workshops, as well as unique excursions and historic tours.

WHO IS WELCOME? Anyone. Professionals and tradespeople involved or interested in any aspect of the conservation or preservation of historic structures are encouraged to become members. If you work in designing, surveying, investigating, or repairing these structures, you will gain access to and share the experiences of colleagues in the trade community, from architects and engineers, technicians and contractors, craftspeople and curators, to educators, historians, and preservationists.
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